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The direction that is easiest and most comfortable doesn't usually lead to the destination of your choice. You know why?

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and follow me on my morning chronicle

Good morning everybody . . .

The destination you reach is determined by the road you travel. That's the way it goes. Right? It should be ... only sometimes ... we lose our way in the day-to-day choices we take that establishes our direction.

The direction that is easiest and most comfortable doesn't usually lead to the destination of your choice.

You know why? Because creating something of value involves challenge, effort, sacrifice, and you moving out if your comfort zone.

Picture this:

you need to go to the store so you jump in your car. At every intersection you decide to take the road with the least traffic. You would have a very nice, comfortable ride but would it get you where you wanted to go? Every time you veer just a bit off course it changes your direction. Same in life.

Ok, try this:

Have you ever noticed that when you want to make a straight line for cutting I sheet of paper, you mark your points, place your ruler and draw your line. You look at it and it's crooked. You look at your line and notice that you're a hairline off at one end and 6 times more at the end lol. You following me?

Going through life works the same way.

If you always take the easiest, most comfortable road, you make it quite impossible for yourself to reach your destination. The choices you make at every instances of your life mark your path and the direction you want to maintain determines whether or not you will reach your destination.

To get you where you want to go, you need to set your sight on the goal and move whenever possible in that direction. Life throws curbs but it is still possible to set goals when you know where the deviation is early on and get back on track then to keep going and have gone so far off you have to apply for a passport to bring you home lol. You know what I mean?

Song of the day...

Todays song is The Final Countdown by Europe

I thought it was a fun song, lol brings good memory and fits in well ... plus how can you not sing and dance to this???

I need to get going myself I wish you all a great day and be good to one another and don't take your freedom for granted because it's not a given to everybody to do so.

And 1 more thing . . .

SMILE! . . . You're on life's candid camera!


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