Your Favorite Candy, Old Fashioned May Still Be Around

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This article is about Your Favorite Candy, Old Fashioned May Still Be Around

Your Favorite Candy, Old Fashioned May Still Be Around

People of all ages love candy and many of today’s favorites actually started in the 50’s and 60s. If you were a kid in these decades you will love the candy, old fashioned that you can still find. Not all of the candy is gone forever. Some are being manufactured by different companies but they are basically the same great candy. Here are a few all-time favorites that you might have thought were gone for good.
Pop Rocks
Many people remember Pop Rocks from the 1980’s but it actually got its start in 1956. It was manufactured by General Foods. Now it can still be found but you will have to search for it on store shelves. It is something we all remember fondly as a candy that fizzed or popped in our mouths. Those stories about deaths from Pop Rocks and Cola just plain aren’t true. This was a safe and delicious candy that many people enjoyed for many years.
Wax Lips
Who could forget those silly Wax Lips? This was actually a chewing gum that was made of a cherry flavored wax. These were oversized red lips that every kid loved. They loved to wear them to make everyone laugh and they loved to chew them after they were finished clowning around. Clowning is an appropriate word since you looked silly as a clown when wearing these giant lips. Wax lips started with the company, American Candy Company and were later sold to Candy Confections Company. Candy Confections Company is now known at Tootsie.
Candy Necklace and Candy Watch
Everyone owned these jewels. Some candy necklaces would have a large candy jewel while others were similar to a chain of just hard candies. The candy watches were of the same type of candy but was made to wear on the wrist. It would have a chain of small candies and a large candy that made up the time piece. These candies kept terrible time but were very fashionable none the less. Everyone owned a candy watch or necklace. They were very popular in the 1960s. When you finished eating your jewelry you just had to go to the market to purchase another one.
Pixy Stix
Pixy Stix is a candy, old fashioned for those who liked something with a sour taste. This was a powdered candy that came in a straw. Pixy Stix was an all-time favorite and came in many favorite flavors. Usually you could buy a bag that would give you cherry, grape and orange flavored sugars. Although it is possible to find Pixy Stix today you do have to hunt for it.
Candy, Old Fashioned is found now with a lot more ease than years ago. Believe it or not many of the candies you enjoyed as a child can be found on the internet. There are even specialty stores that pride themselves on the many old fashioned candies they can deliver to you. Remember the good old days and all that wonderful candy. You will love sharing with your children and grandchildren. They will probably love your favorite just as much as you do.


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