Your Websites Should Not Be Like This

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An article about the dangers of un user friendly websites or blog.

Your Websites Should Not Be Like This

is astonishing how many dreadful web sites are on the net. Some look like a child’s efforts while others have an extremely sophisticated design but nowhere to find products. What makes people hate or leave a web site varies from person to person, but here are a few of what seem to be the most common complaints. There are many good and easy to use sites, so you are left wondering why the same criteria and programming can not be applied to all the sites.

The list below is not necessarily in order according to the hate, anger, impatience or frustration they provoke. It is just a look at a few of the bothersome idiosyncrasies sites can have. Please feel free to add any you have found in the comment section below.

Just for the sake of argument let us assume the web site visit is to buy a ring on a jewelry web site. There are no fixed criteria, except probably gold, but you just want to see if anything inspires you and what you can afford.

Cannot Find

No Tabs for Products

It is disheartening when you can’t find the thing you went to the site to look for without spending hours searching. How many people spend all the necessary time looking through hundreds of irrelevant items, I do not know. Somehow I do not think it is too many, not with the abundance of other web sites with similar products but better design features.

The available tabs on our fictional site are, “diamond, emerald, ruby and no stone”.
Already not looking good, as to really evaluate one item over another, the majority of customers need to see them together – and thee is no distinction between looking for rings and for bracelets and so forth.

Clicking, somewhat disheartened, on diamonds to see the rings you are now offered, the information that “480 items match your search” appears, but there are ear rings, bracelets, necklaces and amongst all these, rings.

It is at this point a good number of people leave that site and visit one that is better organized - that has a button to click with the label “rings”.

No Advanced Search or Filter

Visiting another site that had “rings” you click this happily. The result “620 items on 16 pages match your search”, looks good too and you search for a filter to set prices from low to high, or vice versa. There is no such option and the products are mixed, gold, silver, other metal and all stones and prices mixed up in a muddle. Another site abandoned.

No Information or Prices

Supposing you find a suitable site and see “the perfect ring”, it is very frustrating to then find there is no information about it. Is it 18 or 24 carat gold, is the stone a real diamond or not? The only way to find out is write to the site, if you can find contact information, and if they reply.

The majority of sites do give information, but a surprising number do not even have prices on the site. Some say to visit a shop or online store to buy them, which means doing the search all over again on another site, while others say to write to them for a price. First you need patience to bother writing, but this does not help if you were undecided between four or five rings and price was going to give you a clear winner. Secondly this may take a while and if this was for a gift and needed quite quickly there may not be time.

Automatic Currency

Another irritating and common site difficulty are the sites that decide what country you are in and only let you see prices and pay in that currency. This may be unsuitable for a variety of reasons; people do travel for work or pleasure and there is no reason why they can not look for and buy a product while abroad. That is unless you hit upon one of these sites.

There are even some sites that charge you extra for not paying in the original currency of the site, which may very well be your own, and yet others that will not let you pay in one currency and have an item delivered to another country without a hefty shipping fee added on. (There are some that just will not ship to another country.)

There are some countries in the world that do not have a postcode, zip code or whatever you call it in your country. It just does not exist in any form for some people.

So, having found a product you wish to buy, you check they do deliver to your country and, this confirmed, proceed to the “pay now” page.

You choose your ”country” from the sites own list and find it now asks for a postcode. You do not have a postcode, and you can get no further without one, even though the site offers the option of your native land as a valid country for shipping.

Extra to Pay

Is seems to be becoming more popular these days to add an extra product to an order. This only shows up at the end where you pay and if you are not careful you end up with an expensive autobiography of someone you have never heard of talking about something you have no interest whatsoever in. I suppose that is the general idea.

Another “pay” annoyance is tax/vat whatever it is called. When they say on the site “this can be yours for just $5” and you are ready to pay, you then see the total owing as $18. This is tax, shipping and handling, and it applies to every country. This means that the item can not be anyone’s for $5 and is very misleading. (I wish sites were obliged by law to say $5 plus vat.)

Then there are the sites who sell you a product saying, “you will not find cheaper anywhere else on the web”. They are often right, (not always), and their price of $11 is lower than the average of $15 – but, if you buy from a site for $15, shipping is free, while buying for $11 there is an $18 shipping and handling fee, making the total considerably higher than their competitors. Does this really mean their product is cheaper? It is while it is in their possession, but not for anyone to buy.

No Physical Contact Details

A less frustrating, but equally worrying site, is one that shows no contact details of any kind, either address, phone number or email, just a contact form that tells you nothing. This seems to leave little recourse if anything goes wrong with the purchase or order. Some may fulfill their obligations, but you are uneasy buying from a site like this until you have a fully functioning product in your hands.

In all the above instances there are many web sites that do offer all these features and more, so why can all the sites not do the same.


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