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If you have a big family and want a clean house this winter, here is a way to organize the outdoor gear your family wears.

What to do with your shoes that you wear outdoors

When you come in your door that the family uses most to enter the house, think about your shoes. If you are like my house, we take our shoes and boots off inside when we step inside, and they go on a try inside the front door.

With winter coming up, it is especially important as many areas where it will be snowing. When the bits of snow like cotton comes down from the sky like a basket was shaken down to the earth with cotton balls. It also gets cold, and family's house might have salt on the sidewalk that melts the ice. The family brings this in on their shoes and puts it all through the house and makes your house a mess. So get a shallow with a rim around the edges and have two of these by the door that is used most.

Keeping a tray for shoes by most used door

IN my house, we only use the front door. So we keep a tray. Then we clean it and put another tray there to keep the shoes and boots on so that you don't put your shoes on your rug or clean hardwood floor that the "salt" could ruin. Or you can use a mat that you can wash to keep it clean, Keep two mats that way you can put the footwear on one when you wash the other mat. Washing depends on how often it is dirty. If it is too soiled, it makes your room look dirty.

Mittens, scarves together in a basket

But I don't think there will be forgetting unless the kids are really small. If you dads do and warm up the car for the family. Do this, so dad doesn't have to spend hours in the car, so the family doesn't have to get in a cold car. And have the kids and mom trying to find their mittens as they found one and can't find the other one. But if they are clipped together they will be a lot easier to find. They just have to find one pair which will be together. Then dad doesn't spend needless hours heating up a warm car.


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