Your pet can help your anxiety disorder

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Do you have an anxiety disorder or just get anxious a lot? There is a way you can try to control that, and it is by getting a pet. It could be a dog, cat, hamster or fish. They will always show love and you know you are great in their eyes and that's all that counts.

Aniety disorder and why it's the worst

Most of us with anxiety hate it. For those of us who have been diagnosed anxiety disorder or, even those who just get anxious sometimes. A pet always helps you get rid of anxiety. Say you have lived your life for many years and suddenly become victim to an anxiety disorder. If you have a pet, you are in luck. We, including me who has an anxiety disorder know that anxiety is the worst. I take medication but still have a problem with anxiety.

Pets and anxiety

A pet will help anxiety immensely for some people! Here tips to help a person deal better with their anxiety. There are times when you just want to talk or rant and rave about something that is causing you anxiety. But sometimes you might just want to talk about it. But there is always that person who thinks they have just the right words to say to you that will cure all our anxiety. But maybe you don't want advice you just want to talk about it. The best way to help your anxiety is a PET. ANIMALS DON'T INTELLECTUALLY UNDERSTAND ANXIETY BUT KNOW WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG. Your pet might jump in your lap and let you pet them and hold them and will listen to your talking.You can rant and rave, or talk seriously about your anxiety, and your pet will be unable to understand what you are saying or answer back. This might be just what you are looking!

Getting an animal for anxiety

If you have anxiety disorder and no pet you might want to consider getting one.If you can't take care of a dog properly such as not having enough time to walk the dog, get another animal I, am getting a hamster and fish soon!

A Stanford University Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Keith Humphries says when that pet jumps in your lap, and you hold her and pet her. The person naturally loves their pets it feels so great it helps your anxiety. It even makes those who don't get anxious or have an anxiety disorder they will still feel great. Even if you are calm and laid back,

If you are nervous being alone at home a dog can help protect and calm you

When you have an anxiety disorder and are left at home alone, or you live by yourself for the first time. You might get nervous about every little noise you hear that someone is breaking into your house. With a pet you won't feel you are home alone, It is especially good to get a dog who, if there is something to worry about they will protect you.

Even if you mess up you are perfect in your pets eyes

When you do something that everybody at work thinks you are incompetent because you cost your company a small sum. You might have anxiety. But if you have a pet like a dog then when you come home from work feeling bad about yourself, get a dog. When you open the door, your dog will come running to you with her tail wagging and won't judge you.. No matter what kind of pet you get if you take care of them they will love you and never judge you!,html
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author avatar Carol Roach
30th Jun 2015 (#)

and research shows that pets help people to live longer

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author avatar Jennifer Dombrowski
30th Jun 2015 (#)

I think everybody should have a pet. I have been three years without a pet and am getting a hamster and fish now. I have not been feeling my bets these last thee so that sort of proves your comment. Thanks for the comment

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
30th Jun 2015 (#)

Very true...that;s why we have therapy pets (be it cat , dogs etc). I wrote some months back about a gifted child with her therapy cat and they are the best duo I have seen.

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author avatar Retired
30th Jun 2015 (#)

I have a dog and he helps me relax immensely, he is a lovely friend to have.

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