Yummy "Homemade" Takoyaki

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This is a healthy and delicious snack. besides that, this 100% can be made yourself with ingredients available at home. Easy and Healthy.

Yummy "Homemade" Takoyaki

This is one of the results of my "experiments" in the kitchen. Just before noon is certainly a good time to take a snack while drinking tea or coffee, but when I saw the kitchen no snacks available. The moment I opened the kitchen cupboard I found only these ingredients:
- Flour
- Salt
- Eggs
- Mayonise
- Nori (dried seaweed)
- Tomato Sauce
- Spicy Sauce

I was trying to look for a "miracle" from the refrigerator. Turns in refrigerator I found:
- Dried fish from Japan's
- Squid

It just so happens that morning I was reading a book about Japanese food, then "come up" my strong intention to make takoyaki! Capitalized improvised material I tried to juggle the ingredients into a tasty snack. I also start the experiment:

1) Break the eggs into a bowl, beat until frothy (input a lot of wind when whisk the eggs, to produce a soft and chewy texture of the egg)
2) Add a little salt, while continuing to be shaken.
3) Put the flour little by little, slowly stirring continuously. Until the dough is quite thick.
4) Prepare a wok to make takoyaki (wok-shaped small round object like a golf ball)
5) Cut the meat into small pieces of squid that has been boiled first.
6) Pour the egg mixture into the skillet that has been coated in vegetable oil, insert pieces of squid meat, cover again with egg mixture.
7) Turn the dough with a skewer or chopstick, do not overcook the dough.
8) Once the dough is golden brown color, remove from heat takoyaki balls. Serve on a plate. Add to mayonise, tomato sauce, sprinkle with nori dam and dried fish on it.
9) Takoyaki ready to serve

Try it! It's very delicious and healty ofcourse^^


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