Zen and the Art of Survivng 50

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Things that have helped me come to terms with the big 50

Those Little Things

1. You no longer have to Worry about Having the Newest of Everything.

In my 20s i felt that I was judged on just about everything. In the fight to get the latest material things I didnt appreciate the things that I had, only waited for the next thing. Was worried that not having those things made me a lesser person. These days I am happy to have a car that runs, I am so not worried that it does 0 to 60 in 4 days. That I can get to see my children is the bonus. I keep my phone till the battery dies. I am so not worried that it doesn't facebook,or have music. The fact is I can still text my family and make a call. Life isn't about what you have, its about sharing yourself with those who care about you .

2 An Adventure Once in a while Keeps you Young.

At 20 I was to busy chasing a career and keeping up with the Jones to do any thing for me. There is a saying that youth is wasted on the young I now know that is true. I am having my adventure now by traveling. My husband and I have been to America, Canada , and I have been to Australia. When we were young we never considered it or had the money while bringing up the children. Also I have braught a 500cc quad bike. But thats just me maybe a late midlife crisis. I am so giggling at that on the page here in type. It keeps us active and busy. An adventure can be going in a different cafe to the one you usually use. Its having somethng to chat about and share with those in your life. Take a different bus, go away for the night. So many ways to have adventures big and small.

3 Use the Internet Contribute, Learn

In my 20s the internet was in its infancy i didnt get a computer in the house till the mid 90s, and even then didnt really use it. Now i am searching all sorts. Last week i looked at the SSC Bloodhound, the British bid to build a car that will go 1000mph. There is so much out ther to keep me active and learning. I didnt really do any thing but read crime novels in youth. Find out what those in your life enjoy. Look it up on the net keep your head filled with things to talk about. Otherwise your conversation will close in on yourself and be all aches, pain and the weather.

4 Say things That Matter to you however silly they seem

In my 20s i was all for keeping the peace however emtional I felt. At work and in my private life. I am not advocating arguments and rows in any way. Just an honest and open dialogue between you and the people that matter face to face. I have noticed that my children and step children seem very good at getting emotions out on the internet, but not at talking to those they love. The whole world it seems is blogging and texting. Talk to those you hold dear and find the time to share how your feeling. Time flys and now, I know how I should have said a lot of things. Fifteys a long way down the line from where I should have learnt this.

5 Make a Personal space to Getaway from Everything

In my 20s the hectic life that I led would have benifited so much from a personal space. My space now is a summer house. A little shed in the garden where I can go after doing some gardening and drink my coffee and take 5. So much of my life I have been chasing others pursuits and hobbies, that I never got away and recharged. In my 50th year I now enjoy time on my own and cherish it, Make a little you time you will feel so much better if yo do. I used to think that spare time was wasted time, now I know that its necessary.

In Conclusion

You get out of life what yo put into it. If you are out there looking and interacting, age will never matter to you . It doesn't to me. My mind is always full of things to do, and my feet always have somewhere to go.
May you be blessed with good health and the mind to go grab life by the horns and leap over them.
Dragonsfire signing out to go ride my quad bike round some country lanes.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Apr 2013 (#)

Great way to live and we should find meaning till our last day. No need for regrets as we did what need to be done! siva

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author avatar Kingwell
7th Apr 2013 (#)

Great tips.

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