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Has one really watched their pets when they venture out into their own spiritual world,
They have a closed in energy force around their bodies to like us humans. They can see for miles in to the world of their breed.i watch my dog several times and he can see other dogs playing They to go astral flying
. Then they come back to obeying their master.

The world of animals

This is my own observation of the animals world.
When I had a cat it sat on my chest one night and through his eyes. I saw the cat world and differant breeds. Probable the cats descendants.
This was a unusual experience as it bewilded , me to see so many differant breeds. in his cat family. I was so close to my cat. I called him Rainbow, That i,m sure he was proud of his descendants. he want me to see where he was going to, not long after this he past on. as he was very old.
Now I have a pet dog. He is two years old. and he to travels in to his dog world. and can see all his descendants.They also travel in to a humans world and family tree.
They obey their masters commands, but if anything. gets in the way of kindness an affection the dog will growl.
Most animals can see through both worlds a humans world and an animals world. and further into the future. of all our lives.
When animals of any kind attacks a human. its the wrong vibres that have come in on them. at any given time, which creates anger in dogs or any animals the same as people react to differant situations.
I take my dog for walks or runs every morning, and he scans the ground in the direction we are going to make sure its safe for me. then he turns around and looks to see if i,m still following him.
In retirement this is very reassuring to know that one has company whom cares what happens, it helps me to keep fit as well as my willow. this is my dogs name. as they can know further ahead when dangers near.
There a lot behind their animal world then meets the eye.when they attack another its the wrong vibres that come in on them ..I don,t like any animal to be put down but if a person is attacked this is the best thing to do as they will repeat it again another time.
The reason that I,m inspired to write this is a elephant squashed a lady and killed her
here in new zealand which is a very rare thing to happen. He rapped his trunk around her body and squeezed her to death. This past action which came in on this animal , is something no one can predict or prevent as one doesn,t know when they will turn on their care taker.
. The fact that this elephant attacked this lady. and killed her. and if a dog attacks another person its automaticly put down, so too must this elephant, as it could happen again to some one else. Animals too keep making mistakes just like people do and they to repeat the same mistakes at other just like people do.They only need the wrong vibres come in on them and they react.
One law for all animals. especially one in built up areas. and live amongst people.
It saddens me to know this could be done. But we have to harden our selves to these dangers when they affect our loved animals. A persons life is the most imports of all. And has to be put first. The action will reaccur again in their lives once they do it a first time


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