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part of my experience of astral flying or what they call out of body experiences.
from what i can gather when we dream at nights . is our dreams sort out our problems from the day. In 1997 when the comet past close to earth. I experienced the most astral flying one could ever imagine.

Incounter With the Past, Present, and Futures

Have one ever noticed that how boring things become when associating with others. and the same thing day in and day out. have you ever been in a crowd and still feel alone. well this happened to me. and i,d sit in a bar. studing people and watch them repeat and do the same thing. every day.. This can,t be what god created us for. he made us in his image. to help him with his plan , so why do we repeat the same thing each day and then grow old and die. my thoughts we working flat tack. there just had to be more to our life then this.. Usually when my father said something in these lines of life nothing but a repetition in life. i knew he knew some more to our lives then growing old and dying. and what he knew .he could not put into words so others could understand. So they would say.(I call catch phrases ) REPETITION IN LIFE. or people in glass houses shouldn,t throw stones=for us and next generations to understand the true full meanings these words. The more we learn and understand our true existance. the more our body heals .W e grow old and die because we stop learning and improving on the wisdom of our parents words. Between each culture is a sound barrier
of a differant part in time we have lived in.At the age of thirty. I began to see what was causing lifes most perplexed problems. of the repetition in life.
When the comet went past earth in 1997 it must of opened up part of the universe. and freed up wisdom of words from past centries ago..I was taken back through time to adam and eves day. by astral flying or as they call it out of body experiences. back to th e present. then ahead to the future and how it could be if we keep learning and understand the wisdom of our words,since the time of the big comet going past ive put together in my mind what i saw by vision..
most of the time in our dreams and in life and what we see. is we only come up against the person we need to learn further from.or we made a mistake we haven,t corrected on them. Our mistakes and our parents mistakes are our correction to the future. by learning from them. not repeating them then correct them in our children if we see them make the same mistake. most of the time history repeats itself in ever second generation. so us older one have to be aware of history rising up again in our great grandchildren


These old time nursery rhymes play a big part in unravelling the mystery of the universe and the weather patterns.
Some imate how people treated others and some like the tower of the four winds. is connected with where the four seasons connect up in the universe. wise poeople from centries back knew all this but could put it into words so other could understand. so nursery rhymes were created for the generation to understand and improve on. god born jesus by spiritual contact so jesus could teach us to understand gods plan. verbally . as the more we learn and improve on the more we will open up the universe to the other planets. and space out the weather as we go. every theory is a place in this plan of gods .it has a place sometime in our lives or the next generations. (mf)


Past Experiences, Past Lifetimes

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