bass fishing in Anglesey

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hi a little bit of information about the bass fishing on Anglsesy, North Wales

bass fishing

Welcome fellow anglers,
Anglesey has an excellent reputation amongst the the British angler for the quality of fishing off our shores,with lots of different species available anglers can target certain species through out the seasons,but we are lucky with the bass as we can target this species all year round,The bass is usually targeted off beaches and estuaries,as this enables the angler to wade out and lure fish moving slowly up and down the beach,this method is the most popular and the most successful.
A lot of anglers though like to bottom fish using a flowing trace,and a large peeler crab as bait this however does not seem to catch as many as traditional lure fishing,but the fish might be fewer but this will satisfy the patient angler, as the quality and size of your catch will be considerably larger.

catching bass on the lure

catching bass on the lure, this is the one i like the best, and you know what they say the lure catches more anglers than it does fish,with hundreds to choose from all shapes and sizes,colours, to try to draw attention,well the one i found most successfull,and ive tried my fair share, is the tsunami tazer.(pic enclosed ) there is a few different colours of these lures i found the best to be white.
A little bit about the species, bass are a predotary fish the hunt from when they are tiny mainly on small fry to worms and crustaceans and as they get larger move on to small fish,sandeels,crabs prawns and shrimps are all part of the main diet.
The habitat of the bass is usually fast flowing water and if its slightly warmer the better,like power station outlets and eastuarys.they also hang about the beach,around rocky outrops and small islands not covered by the tide.
School bass are between 1lb and 3lb, they dont start breeding till about the 3rd year or 45cm,depending on the environment and food supply,conservation for this wonderfull fish is paramount to the bass angler,all fish under 45cm are returned,and most anglers will return 99 per cent of fish unless its bleeding from the gills,as it would die then anyway.
And as they are extreamly tasty the odd one is a welcome treat.


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