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Has one really thought deeply on what and how a conspirier works. and how just one mistake can distroy anothers lives, conspiracy can be done through attacks on other person or by spiritual talk. thinking no one knows. god knows

The sheep and their flock

Does one really know the true meanings and actions of a conspiracy,
means= To plan a crime in secret , act together if by design, conspiring plan made.
quote from the bible. psalms. conspire -(99-18-9= (99) L et the nations tremble, let the whole world shake, exult the lord our god and worship him for he is holy.
Is this whats happening on earth to day as the conspiracy are getting control on the system. plenty of earthquacks world wide.
By conspiring, most related to these words by a acting againt another. in phyisical attack or a spiritual attack. But just one thought we portray to another can also be a conspiracy. to conspire. and can snow ball out of control.
Usually those they conspire against bounces of them and comes back at the conspiracier some time in their lives.
When they involve others in there conspiracy to have strength to implement the conspiracy. these ones they conspire against. falls on deaf ears. As they are acting on their own thoughts of what they think happened in a situation. with out facts or truth backing them up.(in other words saying what ever comes to ones head) Even if our own family blame their own siblings. things with out facts , its not for the system whom we trust . to continue this blame against one. Its there job to keep their minds on the job they are paid to do. not worry about who said what where..
The one whom instigates the conspiracy against some one else, lays it on soome one else. this conspires a plan that snow balls out of control around others. If some words come in on one.and they believe it to be true with out speaking to the one they conspire against or getting more facts or proof of a situation, this portrays more anger in the public and causes other to get confused and dismayed, as to why things get said that,s not true. and if those whom delight in their conspiring against others. and lay it else where, in words so they won,t be found out there involvement. then this is a conspiracy against some one.and those whom continue the words with out facts also become a conspiracier.
When some one learns that they have conspired a plan to distroy one life. and continues to try and hide it, without correcting it back to the person they conspired against, this add insult to injury
Conspiring is a thing that goes on when we are children but in adulthood this action should never be implemented in the system unless those whom do this have evil atempt towards another. stems usually from jealously. of wanting what some one else has. or is good at.
If we stress human lives out , with unjustice. nastyness and childish behavour. in our adult hood. then we stress the land out, as we are all connected. and in turn this verse from the bible broken down in numeroledgy matches perfectly with the word conspire.
As our subconous mind knows something wrong whats going on. an we brace ourselves for whats to come.
The more one, runs rip shod over our lives with out a care on what happens, the more the earth will tremble and shake.They getting more earth quakes world wide and more often then ever before.
pray god keep your pillars strong in place..


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