dont let fame fool you

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this article made by myself its how the fame will burn your desire to keep with music and why people who got talented waste it. I really care about music and expected people who play it keep with the music bussiness

Dont let fame fool you

Hello, today will talk you about fame and how affects the vision of creativity of the musician. Many people learn to play an instrument this includes voice, because they have dreams of reaching the top of the Empire music, have millions of euros, dollars in your bank accounts and give the luxury living offered by the music world in its maximum expression. Don't they realize that is a mirage because there are thousands who try along the way and little are the elect. Do you think that singers and famous groups which have arrived since the start of the pop era to modern music came easily? some maybe but the vast majority have had to sacrifice their lives, their families, couples, friends and even make a career outside his country and this has led them many times to pay a very high price: consumption of drugs, sexual promiscuity, waste of money and even suicide.

We see in the music industry throughout as talented people has given a turn to be poor amateur achieve fame with money and then not know what control it and come back even worse and living in extreme poverty and also without health.The musical creativity of a person varies in many ways, e.g.( a guitarist can be a great virtuoso, but lacking soul and feeling and be one machine notes and noise, on the other hand a guitarist who only know 10 chords but have a gift of writing songs that reach the soul and identifies what the consumer wants to hear and becomes a pop star).

We see every day in music schools, in your neighborhood and in bars, pubs people with talent who can reach the top but if you do not have to be able to remain stagnant business. Those arriving too fast confuse having the power of domain of masses, and become repetitive more even when they become professional musicians who have managers, houses labels imposed its trade approach over the creativity of the artist.The artist should consider these criteria when it comes to remain creative and have their image of continuity:
1. Be yourself

2. You must follow the line of the discipline and common sense

3.Evaluate achievements and failures and not be carried away by people who praise them for you to get cash money, etc.

4 Meditate, relax and take adequate time to come full of energy and thus to contribute to a better musical work.

5 take new changes as different rhythms, collaborations with other artists that is not of their musical, look for other alternatives how to make albums of Christmas, Children, Religious music genre

6.Tener a fanbase that you constructive criticism and let you know if it has changed their style of music and how it can improve it.

This article as I did with the knowledge of the music industry that I have 23 years playing rock and giving guitar lessons and I have seen how my friends have won Grammy and as 1 year after they are in the street playing for a few coins, so they follow the Council not to let fame to cloud them ego and humbles so well can be loved and appreciated music.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
26th Oct 2013 (#)

Well, its not just all the points mentioned about, its about maintaining your composure in Public Relations too and not doing a Kanye West like beating the photohog just because the grandmother was ill or because he Baby Mama wouldn't fly with him to Paris.
Its also about how you handle fame as its an all round personality that they look for not just on the day while performing or in the recording studio, changing genres or record company etc.
Many sleaze bags have all of these but try to demoralise other upcoming stars by trying to exploit them for sex for their own making, destroy their credibility by telling lies to the press, make homes crash and burn just to get them their fame etc.
Fame is best tasted with the norms of ethics, beauty of your own being and Above all, who and what you are in life apart from what you make.
Lisa Marie has the big names in the industry both the Jackson and the Presley name tied to her but she is better known to the world as the slut who cheated broke her marriage to marry Michael and then broke her marriage to Michael to go back to the child's father then hook up with Nicholas Cage and now with Michael Lockwood who happens to be father of her twins.
She tried to make it big in the music industry but her records didnot sell. Shows slutty women don't sell for their character is scrutinised publicly and they don't like what she did to Michael especially leading to Deborah who brought innocent children into the picture, killed him and ruined his credibility and reputation for her cheating habits and then finally getting off with a horse ranch from him and now trying to tailgate and blackmail her children under parental custody while they refuse her overtures. What did it do to him?? Killed him rather murdered him literally including his life and integrity.
Well that is fame for you, you get tangled with sleaze bags you lose your life. Get everything with a contracts, word for word and then maintain your name and reputation of life as that is where fame is not just the music.
I never went to see Beyonce and her Illuminati husband Jay-Z when they were here in Auckland, would have sure as hell asked him carrot cake and he would have run pulling his hair out as I know what all this is about.

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