how to make money in runescape

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ever wanted to make millions in runescape?
here's how!

how to make money in runescape

Okay, so your probably here because you havn't got much runescape gold or just want more right?
Well this guide will show you how to start making alot by not even doing alot.

You've all heard the syaing " you need money to make money " before right?
Well this is true so to start off to make millions in runescape you need to make just a little bit of money.
Go to chickens, anywhere in runescape and start to fight them, collect there feathers as you do this. Why feathers you might ask? well feathers are in high demand because people use them to fly fish and mkae arrows on members. So after you have killed countless chickens you should end up with about 5,000 - 10,00 feathers, now sell them at the GE or to other players through trade. This should make you around 100k! See your already starting to make alot!

Now with that 100k you can do alot. You can merch, fish or anything you want but what you are going to do is smith, yes smith ores. You will need 32 smithing to do this but it is quite worth it. Once you have got 32 smithing now you will start to make money. Eaither mine coal and iron or buy it from the ge with the money you have made. Mine or buy it in a 2 coal 1 iron ratio, but buy it in bulk. Now the easy part, all you have to do is smelt these ores into steel bars. This will give you about 450p profit per bar which is quite alot!

Repeat this and keep buying more ores each time, this will give you a very high smithing level while still giving you awsome amouts of runescape money.

This is just how easy it is to make money on runescape, but for more serious guides check out GoodArticles3 on Wikinut. Those guides even i use them!

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