how to play basic darts in 3 easy steps

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This will sow you the easy 3 step plan to play darts

The new way

There are a few rules when it comes to darts. I've already published a blog on the rules of player and scoreder and how to learn to play the game of darts (ill leave a link to the blogs on the end of this page) now its time to find out how to play the game......

Step 1
You have tree darts in your hand and you must throw one at a time to the board (you can throw all at once but I recommend that you don't do it) on the beginning of a game everyone will go for the bull the one nearest to the bull may start.

Step 2
Now the 2 most played numbers on the board is 20 and 19 the reason for that is they deliver the highest score on the end (and the hole point of the game is to get the highest score). You must always aim for the triple but as I aways say a person won't be abel to hit a 100 (tone) the hole time so if you can at least throw 60 constantly you will stay in the game......

Step 3
Prepare on a high close you begin from 501 and work your way down so what I do is when I hit 200 I start to work my way to a close (always on a dabble). Now the highest possible close is 170 ( by throwing trip 20 x2 and a bulls eye) but for a person playing only a few months this is most unlikely. But prepare so that you stand on 80 then you can close with 2x 20 and dabble 20 or you can close 100 buy throwing a trip dabble and single 20. This is the 2 best high closes for beginners.

Now that is the basic of the game that you must know. Now the other thing is always check and dabble check you score the people sometimes scrow up big time and if you don't check they won't either and that can cost you a game.

Always stay focus even if that person is ahead by 200 points. Remember the most important part of the game is the dabble if he can't throw a dabble (believe me that happens a lot) he can't win the game!!!!!!!!

Now darts will take a lot of practice but you can become the best. The basic things to always remember is:

Sow respect to everyone

Get the right darts not everyone can play with the same darts. There are many different ones test them all till you find your set.

Perfect your stand. This is a very important part of dart playing.

Learn to just move your arm and not your hole body or any other body part wile throwing.

Always keep by the rules

Never give up a game wile playing the game ant over till the dabble is thrown.

So keep working on it and read some of my other articals on darts and become a follower the the upcoming articals!!!!!

How to become a pro dart player


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