how to smoke fish

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This articles give you tips on how to smoke fish. You will learn how to smoke fish for that tasty aroma.

how to smoke fish

Smoked fish definitely is tasty and mouth watering too. Smoked fish can be prepared in many different ways and it is a good treat any day for you and your family.

You can smoke your fish at home and enjoy a delicious meal of smoked fish.

Buy fresh fish from the grocery store and defrost it if it was frozen do not defrost it by heating of placing it in water let it defrost naturally this will still keep in in shape.

You can make smoked fish using either a full fish or fish fillet .

After the fish has defrosted then you can go ahead with the smoking process.

You will need a charcoal grill or bra ii to smoke the fish, do not use a grill or oven to smoke your fish because this method will give you a grilled or roasted fish rather than the smoked fish.

Heat your charcoal grill or bra ii with little charcoal or briquettes and allow it to light up well before placing your fish for smoking.

If it is whole fish remove the entrails first and scales and wash it thoroughly with running water and make sure that it is clean. You can ask the grocery to do this for you if you are not buying fish fillet.

Season your fish with salt and then place it on the a grill tray and put it above the charcoal grill or bra ii and smoke it gradually.

Make sure that the fire is well controlled too much heat will result in burning the fish,remember your goal is to smoke the fish.

Turn the fish gradually to avoid burning turn it on either side and you regulate the heat if the heat is too much remove the fish and sprinkle a little water on the charcoal or bra ii to turn down the heat.

When the color of the fish starts to change to a brownish color then the fish is about to get ready. turn the fish every 3 minutes until you achieve a dark brown color then you know the fish is ready.

Fully smoked fish will appear dark brown in color and it become hard too when you touch it.

If you want a strong aroma of smoked fish you can turn up the heat for 5 minutes and allow the smoke to engulf your fish then remove it immediately to avoid burning.


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