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this is all about the realization of life ..why i am here,who am i, what to do

The Word "Life"

The word life seems to be very complicated, some says “Life is a gift from god” “Life is beautiful” “life is Painful” .Every people has their different aspect for the term life.
At certain point of life, people think about the above three question .Lets work on it.

Who am I?

Basically at age of 25 people starts to think about the question “who am I?” Are we robots that we are spending same life that our ancestor does ,We born, we grow, we take education, we enter in the race of earning money, becoming famous, becoming rich, Getting married and repeat the same ha ha ha …

Why i am here?

When people start’s to think and realize that the life fate is death it’s really hard to get motivated. Some people are so busy in their activity that they don’t realize the word ‘life’. Those people who didn’t realize early they starts to realize at age around 50-60 and they starts travelling different place in search of peace and nirvana.
When you realize that you are living in illusion, all the things are for fake. You are here just for survival, how you survive in the world. The basic necessity of survival is Food following by entertainment .People get disheartens and de-motivated for their rest of life after knowing their fate is death, people don’t like to work or get what this fake world is running for.

People start to get this feeling when they got plenty of time, when they have no responsibility or tension or when they addicted to drugs.People are just passing the time as they know they will die one day and waiting for the time.

What to do?

In many countries people get rid of the fast life and want to go for a break for search of peace, people favorite place are hilly areas and beaches. In hilly areas life is comparatively very slow so very good place for exploration and meditation. Earning is necessity now so work is worship. Find a passion in your life, do what you want to do life is all about this.

The greatest example is Mahatma Gandhi who got his lawyer degree from South Africa and found the nirvana by serving his nation in spite of living a good life through his carrier.


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Everyone ask the same question in different ways...!!! All say the answer is within us..!!! If we could read through...????

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