save energy and save money

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I will be giving Tips for saving electrical energy in the sector of –domestic lighting.

Save energy and save money

Tips for saving electrical energy –domestic lighting.
There are so many simple methods to save electrical energy in a house.
1] One of the simple methods to save energy is to replace electric bulbs by Compact fluorescent light or LED.A bulb consumes too much of energy compared to advanced methods of lighting.
2]100Watt of bulb Illumination only when we are reading or writing.
Most of the times we will be talking or taking rest, for which some very less illuminations are sufficient.
3] Note: so called ZERO candles bulb is actually 10 to

Caracreristics- Bulb

A]Filament bulb
1. Initial cost is less
2. Available at almost every shop
1. Consume high energy
2. Produces heat
Lost only for 6 months(average)
Most of us are simply using bulbs with out considering its disadvantages.It is the one which is wasting lot of energy!

Tube ligt

B] tube light.
1) moderate power consumption.
2)2years durability
3) moderate cost
1. will not illuminate in low voltage
2. bulky with more parts like choke, starter etc
3. flicker during starting, unless electronic choke is used.
4. illumination reduces after 1 year.
These are better then bulbs but still waste energy.

Compact fluorescent light or CFL

C)Compact fluorescent light
1. These are the solutions of today.
2. Saves energy & money.
3. Available from 2 watt to 22 watt.
1. relatively costly
2. some duplicate products are in the market
3. More glare
4. life of the bulb at low voltage is less.

light emitting diode or LED

light emitting diode
1.very long life of 20,000 hours
2.uses very little energy
3.available in many low power ratings.
4.Saves lot of energy
1.costly at present
2. at present all ratings are available in big shops only.

combination of lights

sometimes, a combination of lights are required to save energy, that means, in the same room, 20w Compact fluorescent light is used when we are reading and use LED of say 2w, when we are talking or taking rest.
So, go to the shop and buy correct lights!


Save Electricity, Save Money

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author avatar Retired
6th May 2012 (#)

Very interesting article with useful advice.

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jul 2012 (#)

We use a combination and find that to be the best. The right tool, for the right job as they say. Congrats on the star page. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Delicia Powers
14th May 2014 (#)

Very smart ideas...

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author avatar Daliarosa
2nd Jun 2015 (#)

Articles like this help us to make more consciousness in the sense of not wasting vital energy and save money to invest in other things. Thanks for the timely information

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