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becoming a better person for the future to come, recognizing helpful ways and skills to get there


Why you gotta be like that man? Im just trying to help you
Who was there to help you when no one was there to accept you?
Who got you back up on your feet again?
who was the girl that had her own problems but still gave you a hand?
I look into the mirror and see an honest women but you see a demon
Whenever I confront you about it, your quick to take cover
Undercover you cry out like Im your lover, oh you don't love him?
Naw man im way above him, he aint got shit on me, lets do another
Lets see who's the real fucker, lets see how much you'll crack under pressure
Treating you like mother nature, lets see how much I can stress him
At the end of the day we both know im right and you're wrong
You cant touch my style like tell me when anyone like last verse?
Yeah bitch that's exactly what I thought, I guess it was a good try though
But for all that you fought, where's the success, there isn't, you know why?
cause you let your faults go too far and don't work towards self correction
But maybe when you're humbled on the streets you'll get some sense of direction


Becoming A Better Person, Correcting Myself

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I started writting when i was a kid, im now almost 23.Any advice to be better would be bentifical.

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24th Mar 2014 (#)

well interesting this is indeed...

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24th Mar 2014 (#)


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