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Not everyone should have a dog. There are reasons why some people should be kind enough not to have a dog. You could be one of them.

you really don't like dogs

If you are honest enough, you will not try to impress others, especially your friends, or someone special who happens to love dogs, that you are one of them when you aren't. You might find dogs amusing at times but for the long term, you are one person who wouldn't be able to remember that there is another being in your house that needs your attention, that needs to be fed and cared for.

don't pretend to like dogs

Some people are so good in pretending that they like dogs and, as a result, mislead others into believing this lie. Never do this because you could end up receiving one as a gift! Poor dog! When someone gives you a cute puppy as a present because you had been so good in acting like you are indeed a pet-lover, that poor doggie will be in trouble. He will either be caged or tied to the back part of the house where he will live, unable to move or run around, uncared for for the rest of his dog life.

show it

If you are one person who dislikes dogs or any pet for that matter, show it, please. So many doggie lives had been wasted because of this pretense. Some people just want to show others, especially their neighbors, that they too can afford to buy high-bred dogs. The poor dogs end up only as guards and for show. In reality, there is nothing there in the owners' hearts that allow space for love for their pets.

don't even jest about it

A neighbor of mine who I remember had dogs which he tied only to a tree using short strings and ropes asked another neighbor whose dog recently gave birth to five dogs, if he could have one of the pups. I was alarmed. Why was he asking for a pup when he isn't the type who would care for these pets? I know. I had called his attention many times when the rope of his dog would get tangled or when his dog didn't have any water so if he could please give his dog some water. I never even saw him feed his dog, so why is he asking for another puppy now? Whether he said it in jest or not, but the other neighbor willingly gave him one of the puppies. Some people are just so unreal and I secretly hate this heartless neighbor who wants dogs he could not bring himself to like.


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author avatar Buzz
17th Apr 2012 (#)

Animal lovers like us would surely hate what your neighbors are doing. Our friend, Mark, up there would surely take her/him to task.

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author avatar rarity
17th Apr 2012 (#)

Hi Buzz! Thanks for commenting again. Now I know that we're similar in this aspect.

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