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Music is a form of healing, a form of passion that comes from within. It is something which is beyond words and cannot be simply expressed. For someone who is away and does not understand music, it is difficult to understand the emotions that one goes through while listening to or pla...
Kathak commonly identified with the court traditions of the later Nawabs of Northern India, it is really an amalgam of several folk traditions, the traditional dance- drama, forms prevalent in the temples of Mathura and Brindavan known as the Krishna and Radha leelas
Singing gigs are fun and profitable. The author provides tips on how to get started.
Stage fright can kill a performer's next stage appearance. The first time is important in order for it to lead to another try. Each time you go up on stage is a different experience. This article will help you survive every stage experience.
Here are some tips to help you improve your vocal skills. I guess if you're a beginner you can use some tips.
This is an approach to learning a new song done step by step. Even though it is step by step, the sequence is not necessarily the only way to learn a song/
How to stop your voice from cracking is not a one sentence answer. It takes training and extensive practice to learn to not crack when you sing.
If you want to be a singer, just having talent is not enough. You can be the next "Star", but if you don't know your vocal range and music genre that suits your voice, you performance will hardly be stunning.
Have you ever listened to a singer and wondered just how he or she was able to make you feel such an emotional connection? Do you wonder is it something that they have that you don’t?
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