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One of the deductions of energy mass equation of Einstein is that speed of light can never be exceeded. This is now under threat as new research is underway
The property of a body by virtue of which it attract or repel. example-small piece of paper,straw etc
Many Hindu Sadhu's lie as a routine on a bed of nails. However there is a perfect explanation from Newtons laws of Motion for this phenomena.
Friction is one of the most active forces of nature. In this page, there is a brief explanation of reasons, merits and demerits of friction.
Control of objectionable odours can be achieved by good sanitation practices, modification in processes, dilution by ventilation or dispersal etc.
She being the only Indian Woman to travel to spcace has brought new hopes and confidence to every heart, which is desirous to achieve a set goal.
Einsteins special theory created a fundamental constant , the speed of light. Latest research shows that that this constant can be breached
Newtons Laws of motion have universal applicability and understanding them is of paramount importance in today's world
The history of rogue waves and what can be done to avoid them now and in the future.
How earthquakes leave such devastation that only continues to cripple economies leaving death and destruction in it's wake.
600 million collisions. Every second, for two years. And a thirstily anticipating, decade-long search is what it took for the `discovery' of the higgs- like Boson.
Why does the earth rotate in almost twenty-four hours? Did the rotation time come into existence randomly, by the initial momentum during the formation? No! There should be a genuine reason. But, to trace it out devoted team work is required and that will be a great leap in science, m...
In days gone by they thought the earth was flat but found out it was round. could the universe we are in touch with. be flat and not circulating around planets and sun. is our thought patterns what causing us to think we are moving around these planets or they round us. my concep...
Enstein changed the fundamentals mof physics with his energy mass equation
Sir CV Raman proposed that a beam of light travelling through a medium is scattered by the molecules
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