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This research article puts together documents, resources and archival materials in history of Aero-Navigation by two of the heroic and iconic memoirs like no other.
Bigger meteoroids sometimes survive the journey and hit the earth resulting in craters and vents on the earth's crust. They are called meteorites.
According to an American psychologist, to make a career optimism has more intelligence. Here strategies to transform happiness in your springboard
Have you watched spikes given in the shoes of competitors, cricket players and rock climbers/ spikes expand contact and give sought grasp in their development.
Sir. Isaac Newton studied the motion of objects and the factors related to the change in velocity.
New Archemedean way the liquids will carry from lower levels to higher levels, in this way the Archemedean screw carry the liquids to higher levels.
There is a hidden reality that underpins our world. It is so tiny it remains invisible to the human eye yet it has everything to do with our universe.
Objects float as a result of their own weight, the weight of the fluid they displace, and the effect surface tension has on them. Oil on vinegar, ships at sea, and bugs on water all obey the same laws of physics.
The basic turbojet engine has five stages. Some, like those found in fighter aircraft, have an additional stage called an afterburner that adds an additional “kick” of energy. Here is a summary of how each stage operates.
Charles Dickens may have found a convenient way of disposing of one of his characters. In his novel Bleak House, the character Krook, spontaneously combusts. But even back in the nineteenth century the world-view of spontaneous human combustion was beginning to change.
The "Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions" or as it’s otherwise known—the “Butterfly Effect" changes our lives and our future. In essence, the Butterfly Effect portrays how every decision we make and everything we do has a profound effect the world around us.
Unlike the continental drift theory, which essentially neglects ocean basins, sea -floor spreading is centered on the activity beyond our direct view.
The equations that describe a black hole were written by Albert Einstein as part of the General Theory of Relativity.
Refraction is the phenomenon by virtue of which a ray of light going from one medium to the other undergoes a change in its velocity.
we all know something about the black hole in our universe. But did you know some theories ready to wack your brain the black hole may be a shortcut to the other side of the universe or Maybe a time portal
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