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When you publish a Wikinut article your involvement is far from over. Readers (and fellow Wikinut Authors) are able to leave comments discussing what you have written, and sometimes a little management is required to keep things in order.
A quick quide to Wikinut badges; the ways in which you can earn them and what they mean.
If you find a page on Wikinut really useful or enjoyable, chances are you may want to read other pages by that same author. If so, you should use our follow author feature.
When you publish a page on Wikinut it will be listed in the category you wrote it in. Some pages are also published in other, higher level, categories. This article explains why.
Nutpoints are earned when you use the Wikinut site and as you become more active in our author community. This page explains some of the ways they can be collected and why they matter to our authors.
Here's a quick explanation of the stages in the Wikinut publishing process, from initial draft to published page.
Wikinut is a simple concept, and we can guarantee you'll understand how it works within minutes. Read this quick guide, and you'll soon be on the way to your first great Wikinut adventure.
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