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This goes into the start of the Gold Rush in California. and some other history of gold along with it, but gold was in use in the year 2500B.C., before that they dont know. after the gold there was timber, for the housing boom.
Rocks are classified according to their origin or how they are formed. The three classification of rocks; the igneous rocks, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.
Describing the Natural Pearl, its production, history and comeback.
Describing the Akoya Pearl, its quality and value.
Describing the Akoya Cultured Pearl, its production and harvest.
Describing the Freshwater Cultured Pearl quality and value.
Describing the Freshwater Cultured Pearls, their origin, production and harvesting period.
Describing a saltwater cultured pearl, the kinds of pearls, their origin, production, quality and value.
Kohinoor diamond was once known as the largest diamond in the world. It is reputed to bring misfortune or death to male owners and good luck to female owners.
This article contains information about diamonds. It has various quotations by famous people and also few facts about diamonds.
Emeralds are so much more than green gemstones, and just what makes them green? They are loved and cherished, but yet we do not know much about them – where they come from, who used them, what myths surround them. Perhaps it is time to appreciate them more, not just as a valuable st...
If the planet Moon is negatively placed or afflicted by any possible malefic placement or aspect or conjunction in your horoscope, you may minimize these ill effects and augment the benefits of Moon by wearing precious gemstone Pearl or Muktha, Moti or semi-precious gemstones like Moo...
There are 102 good qualities in copper metal than the less bad qualities
The diamond -- a precious jewel, highly coveted for its beauty and value and rarity has always mesmerized men and women throughout the ages. Here are the most famous diamonds in history.
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