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What we've been told about carbon-14 dating and the other radiometric dating methods is what they want us to believe..., but it isn't the whole truth!
Man-made diamonds are a reality. They’re different from natural diamonds only in how long it takes to make them and where they are made. Through advances in science and the ingenuity of scientists, real diamonds can be produced in the laboratory. Companies such as Gemesis and...
Meet carbon, the much maligned element of life, your “footprint,” and human exhale. Here, we will discuss carbon in its most desirous form, diamonds. We will shed light on natural colored diamonds, the rarest forms of carbon in nature’s creation.
The jog falls, also known as the Gersoppa falls are the highest waterfalls in India. Formed by the Sharavati River, these falls are in the Shimoga district of Karnataka.
Gold is a precious metal. Gold is used for making jewelry, coins and other art works. Gold is found in the earth’s crust as a stand-alone element or it is found mixed with other metals like silver. Gold is shiny, soft and can easily be molded into different shapes. Read on to know m...
The characteristics of diamonds mined in Canada-the different nature of these minerals with the rest
The lakes in the high sierra's were use fro water supply for mining and domestic as well. The water is pure and cold from melted snow, the more it snows the more water we have.Good fishing in those ice cold lakes.
How did the mountains form and wheredid the gold come from. It came from heat and pressure and chemical reactions. Thats my best guess..
The Idaho Maryland,was the second highest producer of gold in California. it had to close because of low gold prices like the rest of the mines. new developers ahve taken it over and are going to reopen it as a new modern facility, and be diversified into new ways to...
We are dealing with the golden years. They come too soon, but don't stay long enough, now there isn't time or energy to do all the thing we wanted to do when we retired..
How to go looking for gold for a weekend outing, and get the family involved.
We try to answer the question of where gold came from, one theory is meterorites crashed into the earth and when they cooled they made gold. But I dont think thats it, I will go along with the volcanic upheaval theory which seems to have data to back it up.
How they recovered the gold and the method they used. It seemed they were always finding a better way.
Here we talk about the method of getting gold using monsterous floating dredges. The rape of the land was not even considered if there was gold to be found, it was the same with the hydraulic mining, where they washed away mountains
Starting at the discovery of gold at Sutters Mill at Coloma, California, the Gold rush was on. Some methods of catching the gold.
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