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In this short piece i aim to take you through the steps of planning the perfect presentation and advise on how to speak in public. Like most tasks or problems in life, breaking them down into small more manageable pieces provides for a better result or solution than getting lost in th...
Each time you desire for a purpose, your heart is able to make rainbows from a single drop of rain. When making your wish be sure to ask to the right source. And then follow this recipe for it to come true:
To develop creativity in our children from birth is necessary. At this time the baby is ready to learn anything, he hears and sees. If for various reasons you missed this time, do not despair. The main thing is you just have to start to engage with the child at a later age. We must no...
The best time to be creative and have great ideas is under pressure. I know, that sounds a little unusual, but, face it: The best ideas come from a place of need or "working push" as I sometimes like to call it, when, you are under pressure to make something work well. Any problem can...
Understanding the actual meanings of Sarcasm or sarcastic words and sentences and make our lives healthier, wealthier and wise by dealing with them as nothing is said against us.
Every person has his own talent. He should develop it for the sake of his own interests. No man can reach his desired goal without the active benefit of talent. The faculty of brain may be tune...
If we are in the management department we want our direct reports to be developed. Their skills are valuable to the business so as our role to them.
Getting Inspired and Inspiring Anyone is a good Idea to be considered. Let's go ahead with a step by step process to inspire anyone at any moment.
An Excellent article that helps you develop a sense of Inspiring others. Hope to have a Pleasant Reading.
Whether to work as a team or as an individual has long been a controversial topic because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some evidences and examples to help you know better about the two.
Confidence exists in everyone but it may reach to an extent of Overconfidence. So, here's a story describing clearly a conversation with a dealer that shows that he's Overconfident. It includes a test which you can also perform so as to test your Confidence levels.........
The thinking performer is always rewarded with good results, even when they seemingly fail, because they are willing to act. The other day, I read a good book on kissing procrastination goodbye, this article was inspired by that book and my own observations also. Willingness to act qu...
In this competitive world, one has to master good communication skills to survive as there seems to be heavy competition everywhere. This article here pin points some ways to improve on your communication skills
An easy step by step water color painting for beginners, portrait done for Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquaio.
The continuation easy step-by-step water color painting for beginners, portrait done for Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquaio.
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