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The grey wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) is not as grey as its name suggests, and is in fact quite a colourful bird, to the extent of being easily confused with the yellow wagtail.
birds are pets that are often maintained by humans. birds are exotic animals that can be encountered in a wide variety of colors, size or type. The following are some things you should know about pet birds
You will find the Antbird living in subtropical and tropical areas from Mexico to Argentina. There are more than 200 species in this group of birds.
A cockatiel-lover's take on how to buy cockatiels/parakeets and the care that must be taken when purchasing such a pet
the fled of the Parrot: Its name was Cocko or koko, no matter how we use to write its name; anyway the pronunciation remained the same. We protected cocko, feed him, he was such a smart parrot and a very nice one until the day he fled away.
Help with Diet and Food for Chinese Button Quails Including Vegetables, Fruit, and Protein
Normally a timid bird, the cassowary can inflict a dangerous wound by stabbing forward wit the dagger-like claw on its inner toe. It feeds on fruits, nuts, herbs and small animals.
The bird makes the nest strong on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside with moss and cotton, grass and leaves.
The Black-winged parrot is a member of the Psittacidae family and comes from Peru, South America. They can also be found in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. It is also known as the Black-eared Parrot and the Peruvian Black-winged Parrot. They have a curved beak and are erect in their sta...
What is a peafowl, how to raise peafowl, what do peacocks eat? Learn about the basic care of peafowl, which are beautiful ornamental birds from India and south Asia.
How to go about caring for your pet bird. A things to do list for Pet bird care to keep your bird happy and healthy.
A pet bird is signified as any bird meant for the personal enjoyment of its owner. Parrots are common as pets due to their lovely looks, ability, and friendly natures.
Birds can drive you crazy by making noises in early morning. They can be fussy eaters and they do tend to attack people at times.
How I went from bird ignorance to a Peruvian Striped owl's mate.
Earlier in May I purchased four pigeons from an auction. They were Capuchine Pigeons. I would like to tell you a bit more about Capuchine Pigeons.
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