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Bishopstone is a very small place, two miles or so away from the town of Herne Bay.[/b] There are no shops, and not many houses, a perfect place to lose yourself and enjoy peace and quiet Today I will take you for a walk ending up at Herne Bay, it has notable landmarks I can sha...
Today we go on a country walk, taking in St Mary the Virgin's Church, and the fields beyond, which stretch down towards Reculver, and past the local reservoir. Read on to find out more
I live in the middle of Reculver Country Park, and Bishopstone Glen. May I take you on a guided tour of the area, pointing out some notable features?. Read on to learn more about it.
There is a place I used to go, to contemplate upon the nature of the land. A place that has two log cabins, hidden bridges and trails that can lead you into the heart of the wooded hills above the nature walks they have available. Almost a fairy tale land where wild animals will actua...
It is a matter of great pleasure to have a walk by a countryside, especially for those people who live in noisy cities and to visit such places. The countryside had its own charms. A walk here removes the boredom and monotony of the life of cities.
This is a page about nature and her beauty she has to offer.
If you're not walking or hiking at some point to get where you're going, you're not living life.
While living in England a few years ago a group of us got together to raise money for Cancer research. We decided each year we would complete a walk based on a different theme. All of these walks would be carried out dressed in medieval attire and follow the original routes as laid do...
Taking up Mark Gordon Brown's Travel and Tourism challenge once again, this is the tale of Stock Ghyll Force, a natural wonder near Ambleside in the Lake District, UK.
The Wales Coast Path, due to open in May 2012, is a continuous walking path around the coast of Wales.
City dwellers, this page is perfect if you're off on a family hike into the countryside. Read on for practical tips and advice (based on experience) to help you have a successful experience outdoors - no blisters and sprained ankles here - all without breaking the bank!
One of the most exciting sign for most hunters is to find the bedding area for deers. This is a strong sign that the deers are nearby. A feeding deer will look for a safe haven to rest from as they absorb what they have eaten all day and this is usually their bedding area.
If you love hiking, in this article we highlight for you the gear that you must have when going for a hiking trip.
There is nothing more satisfying than having this memorable experience on day hiking mountain trips. In order for you to experience all this beauty you will need to plan well before going for the hiking trip in the following ways.
Rest intervals will also help the person recharge their energy levels, there should be time to have refreshments and relax a bit before getting back onto the track.
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