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Kuchipudi artists without exception were all Brahmans and they were all males.
Working with the media is a part of making music; here is a little advice on helping the journalists spread the word.
Don't break my heart before I give it to you Don't tell me no before I ask you to Don't say it doesn't fit before you try it on There's too much to lose to be wrong... ...if you can just feel the message of the song...
When a local concert goes badly there is plenty of blame to go around, lots of finger pointing and no one wins. But, ultimately, who's responsibility is it to get people to the venue on show night?
This article shows an example why music bands got famous and other are left forsaken.
Some unsigned bands augment their income by selling band merchandise to their fans. Is this some form of sell-out or not? Let's examine.
Classic rock band reunions aren't usually done just for old times' sake or their fans. They also have a serious business side to them that makes money for promoters and the band's members. That's why when such reunion tours push thru, promoters and bands laugh all the way to the bank ...
this article made by myself its how the fame will burn your desire to keep with music and why people who got talented waste it. I really care about music and expected people who play it keep with the music bussiness
There are stories of life, and times of ages past, found in songs to sing to the glory and praise of the Saviour and Maker of all life.
Want to know why your hard rock or heavy metal band isn't getting the exposure you want? Here's some tips to help you get started
When a great piece of classic music remains unknown to the music lovers I suffer just as much as I suffer when the wrong person or the wrong country gets accredited for a huge success.
One of the first hurdles to overcome when you are putting a new band together is to find gigs and venues to play in. Practice and rehearsals are obviously important but the experience gained from live performances is an essential part of developing a band maturity and potential. A ...
A demo CD is an essential ingredients for and professional band. Musical venues, festivals, booking agents, and record labels all rely on demos to determine the quality of a band or performer, and determine if they are a good fit. A demo CD should include three to five songs that r...
Landing a job as a talent scout requires dedication, commitment and a bit of luck. Record labels rely on talent scouts to spot up-and-coming talent as well as new musical markets and trends. Talent scouts work for the Artists and Repertoire Division of a record label and they come fro...
An introduction to the purposes of a music video, their importance to a band and their record company, and how strategies can go wrong.
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