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Gone are the days when business appropriate attire meant a stiff suit in basic colors with an uninspired tie and polished shoes. Today you’ll only run into this sort of wardrobe on shows like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Suits’.
A saree, as we know, is unstitched ethnic attire that is draped around the body. Usually worn as everyday attire across the Indian subcontinent, a saree is the first choice when it comes to flaunting a traditional look.
If you are planning to explore on an elongated trip, then be ensured about your health first. This propaganda is also suited at home or at any other location, as the sun is roaring higher day by day. Therefore, anticipation of the plot so as to be protected from the heat has become an...
No matter you're searching for summer office wears or office wears for young business professionals, simple and sleek designs are always popular and highly recommended for office wear. But to look smart is also important. Is your room full and wardrobe empty of searching what to wear ...
Ask a bride about the most important thing in her wedding, and without any delay you will hear her squealing, "wedding dress!" Unfortunately the groom comes at number two.
Here are some interesting tips to get yourself a perfect dress.
Part of career management is establishing a good impression in the corporate world.
Fibre is very fine hair- like basic unit whereas the fabric is the product made from yarns which in turn are comprised of fibres.
Check out my best clothes sell online! Fabulous clothes that will never fade the fashion.
Jodie Breaeds is an Hair dresser in England, she wish to send a contestant for “ Miss 24 carat” from her saloon, so she prepared a dresses entirely with human hairs by the help of her relative Margaret Jenner a dress maker
Ms Nancy Judd designer from America, is making Green couture Garments with garbage. From child hood she is sewing garments.
This article is about Cute and Sexy: Costumes for Girls and Women
This article is all about the Types of Chiffon Dresses
Women want to look thinner. It gives them an angelic appearance. Are you worried about your obese appearance. You can look leaner by your dress. Read on about a few tips that make you look leaner.
"Super cleaner" denims that work the same as catalytic converters in cars, the denim covered with tiny particles of minerals
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