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Commuters in Dubai are being offered the chance to win lavish prizes if they take public transport, it's reported.
In Pakistan there is a fashion to decorate the truck and buses.
Shark on a bus is crazy and unique add to attract people. This ad was made for the television show 'Built for the Kill', one of the television programs from the National Geographic Channel.
Mr Sudarshan shetty a resident of Mumbai made a scrap double decker bus as art piece for the public of Mumbai , the bus will not move any where ,but any one can view the Mumbai city in the bus itself
Have you ever traveled in a bus in the city of Chennai? If not, find out what takes place inside one
Anyone that wants to consider taking transit to help your part in reducing bad carbon from the air this has some information on how to. Transit help people to go to from place to another and back. Transit is easy to use as you read this writing will hopefully show.
If you've had any thoughts about traveling across America--or even across your state--by Greyhound Bus, you may want to first read this article to find out what you're in for.
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