Featured articles in Propagation

Budding is a process of plant propagation and refers to the grafting of the bud of one plant onto another in the same species. However, not all plants take to this process.
Budding and grafting come under the methods of asexual propagation of plant material to join two or more parts of plants to grow as one.
Understand how propagation takes place. This aspect is very important as not all plants can be propagated in the same manner.
Just a few simple ways to germinate vegetable seeds for the garden.
A look at how even someone on a very low budget can fill their garden with large and healthy plants.
There are two ways of propagating ornamental plants. What are they?
The simple process you can use to propagate your own hedge from cuttings taken from another shrub.
Many flowering plants which are planted from bulbs, corms and tubers will cease flowering if their growing area becomes too crowded. Simple division allows blooms to return and produces new plants for your landscape!
The easy and free creation of new plants for your garden can be as simple as a snip. Multiply existing plants to add to your landscape or to share with gardening friends.
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