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Rava idli is a very popular breakfast recipe that is simple to prepare at home. Know the recipe for soft and spongy idlis that is not only tasty but also nutritious.It is an instant breakfast dish where there is no grinding, fermenting that is usually needed to prepare a rice idli. ...
Stuffed vegetable has own color and flavor. Color and flavor awaken appetite. Stuffed vegetables are rich in nutrients. Enjoy these stuffed vegetables
Srikhand is all time desert. It is famous in Gujrat and Rajathan. Vegetable of Kair and Sangri is famous all over world and it native place is Rajasthan
I like milk sweet a lot. This is one of my favourite recipie and everyone in my family love it . Whenever i do it the sweet will disappear so quick :) .
Sabudana khichadi is a very tasty, traditional and easy to prepare dish loved by people of all the ages.
Traditionally prepared in an earthen pot, beneath the soil with fire lit around the pot. This is one famous Indian dish that requires your time and effort, to show the best result.
Oats are not boring anymore. Try oats idli. A yummy and healthy breakfast dish.
20 minutes is all you need for this quick dessert recipe.
This recipe is easy to prepare and delicious. It is a different way to prepare ground beef.
Holi is very different from other festivals celebrated in India, but one single thing that is common is that it is also incomplete without special dishes and scrumptious holi recipes.
The cooking of Chicken chatpata food. This type of food is very tasty to eat.
Food cooking type. Clean and wash the fish in salt water and cut into pieces. Do not wash the fish after cutting into pieces.
Making dum chicken food. It is very easy to cook . Finally garnish with coriander leaves . it is very tasty to eat.
Sambal chicken recipe making is very easy. and it very tasty food. Ready of the food and then preparation, garnish with coriander leaves and serve.
Dum machli Recipe- The preparing of tasty fish food. Under shown, how to made it, the method of making.
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