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In my many drawers I have hundreds of small objects that I pick up on my walks, or in thrift shops,and antique malls. Anything that looks interesting, is small, and BLINGY can wind up in one of my collages, on one of my gourd pots, or hung around my neck! Here are some of the fun ways...
For this article I will include photos of one of my bracelets and explain how I put it together using found objects, charms, and parts of old costume jewelry.
One of the essential techniques artists use is shading. Different shading techniques create depth, perspective, as well as a sense of contour and contrast. Artists who concentrate on drawing in their work, with traditional pencils or charcoal, produce shading in essentially one of two...
This article gives examples of why painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, printmaking, conceptual art, installation art, and performance art are considered art.
Have you ever had a moment that you have seen a nice drawing and you wished if you could draw something like that? Then this is for you! Give it a go!
The line is the basis for architectural drawing and continuity of a line is the essence of architectural drawing.
Here is a list of drafting materials needed to complete a rendering.
Rangoli is a fine art of faith and tradition. It is a process of decorating floor with colorful powders and flowers.
Public speaking is an art. It can be easily attained by practice. I had a tough fight with this experience.
Mohiniyattam is a famous classical dance form of Kerala in India.
peoples perception on graffiti right or wrong what do u think read my perception on graffiti and come to a conclusion for your self i have written my key points aswell as other peoples and taken events into consideration that have been life changing for people i also talk about ban...
Home is where the heart is, providing a feeling of belongingness to the occupant through laying out in accordance with the temperament and choices of the occupant. No custom-made building could serve purpose of a home which need be evolved over a time perid by the owner him/herself.
Like other subjects, teaching arts to the children are interesting and fun. The reason for this is that most of the children love to learn with arts. Most of the children do like drawing different kinds of objects that they saw; they like colors and many other art media while they are...
Proportion is the art principle that showcases space relationships. The principle of proportion is used to establish good spacing between two or more objects. Establishing proportion in design or arrangement can done better through using or adapting certain standards.
The leopard can be found predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa where concerted conservation efforts have ensured the ongoing survival of this creature. Delve into the history of the leopard and learn about South African art inspired by the magnificent beast.
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