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How this form of art has helped many to cope with stress
This is a very brief introduction to the concept of kinetic art, with mentions of a few well-known exponents.
These glass bottles or jars that once contained tomato puree or marmalade could make attractive items for the house if they're decorated finely. Read to know how.
This type of art fairy new to me. Now I'm addict to it.
An introduction to the three types of sonnets and their differences
A Woman is Gods gift to man and women must not negate this gift. To be desired by a man is the acme of human life. I have as a man been convinced about it.
In the world of art different mediums are used for drawing. The body is a canvas for some where beautiful tattoos are drawn. Some of these designs are extraordinarily beautiful and truly works of art. The question that begs to be answered is this, 'Does the artist have any rights on h...
Kolam is a traditional art of drawing that is practiced by the women of South India.
Ever wondered how some actors make it and others fade into oblivian? Read these tips to spur you on and give you a dose of optimism!
Wondering how to balance working as an actor with paying the bills and maintaining your relationships? Here's some tips on keeping afloat
What is considered Outsider Art? Some of the most striking pieces in the art world could be classified as "Outsider."
Gustav Coubert whose works are displayed in various museums struck a great blow for the realist movement by painting a woman and scenes as we see them. his name is at the top bracket as a great painter of the realist movement
A German artist is making amazing very detailed pictures on a single sheet paper, his art of folding paper making elaborate master pieces.
Madhubani is a hilly forest terrain in the state of Bihar in Eastern India Madhubani paintings are very pretty and attractive and well recognized by their distinct style .
Dada was an early 20th century art movement that rejected the idea of art movements. It began in Zurich during the first World War as a collaborative effort among painters, writers and dramatists as well as other types of artists. It was motivated by the need to come to terms with the...
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