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Now a days, cake baking is in trend and also super fun. It is a Herculean task to bake a perfect cake but the most challenging part is to cover the cake flawlessly and make it look smooth. It’s very important to give your cake a nice finishing so that it looks more delicious and irr...
4 easy life hacks that will change everyone that has a kitchen life's RIGHT now
Green tea is a healthy drink that can improve your overall well being. Its popularity has grown significantly. If you have never had a green tea before, read this article to find out all the reasons why you should start having green tea regularly.
Original recipe from my Italian mother-in-law that everyone shouts try.
Rava idli is a very popular breakfast recipe that is simple to prepare at home. Know the recipe for soft and spongy idlis that is not only tasty but also nutritious.It is an instant breakfast dish where there is no grinding, fermenting that is usually needed to prepare a rice idli. ...
Some of the articles I've written that got the most interest of the readers have dealt with an easy way to cook rice quickly, what "Super-Proteins" were eaten prior to 1750, and the process of how I took a medieval recipe and "translated" it to the modern palate so I've put them in on...
I am a vegetarian and have many recipes that are vegetarian that I thought I would share. These three are three that make fine food. I will continue ti post until I run out of recipes I will be eating Vegan in 2016, but I will occasionally show up with just a vegetarian recipe and wil...
Stuffed vegetable has own color and flavor. Color and flavor awaken appetite. Stuffed vegetables are rich in nutrients. Enjoy these stuffed vegetables
This is a great appetizer for Thanksgiving dinner. For that matter, it as an appetizer for any meal, and is also a finger food snack when watching your favorite sport!
If you're hosting a garden party a variety of foods can be included. At a garden party you can include both cooked foods, and those that do not require any cooking. Here are a few suggestions for your garden party.
If one likes cooking, one should have a variety of herbs and spices that should be renewed each season.
Situated in the East part of Europe, Bulgaria is a little country with rich culture and exotic cuisine. This time we’ll introduce you to one of the most popular Bulgarian dishes – the amazing Banitsa. It’s the most preferred breakfast but it’s often eaten for lunch and dinner,...
This is a simple soup recipe you can prepare in minutes.
make muffins actually very simple from making the dough to the baking process. there are some steps that you should know when making your cake muffin so tasty and delicious so it can be enjoyed by the whole family and even other people.
When there are long holidays or public holidays such as Christmas Day, Easter Day, Birthdays and the list goes on, it would not be complete without a delicious feast for friends and family members to gather together while having a good time catching up the latest news and gossips.
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