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The hallmark is the stamp of purity and authenticity for metals.
Tokyo-based Miyake Design and created by Kyoto-based Futaka Precision Machinery, the Samurai consolidates three distinctive titanium compounds. One is utilized as a part of the principle piece of the edge, an alternate in the "truss" at the base, and an alternate in parts, for exampl...
I have a beautiful collection of crystals. I've been collecting crystals for a long time. I call it my hobby and I like to display them around the house. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes.
Antique silver can be ruined with the wrong cleaning and storage processes.
It is a fun to collect Coins! This article is all about the simple hobby of collecting coins which can be very interesting and amazing!
Keris, traditional weapon that transform into a collectible item
Purchasing antique silverware requires a little knowledge and a good deal of learning.
This is a guide to buying Squeezos at garage sales and selling them on Ebay
As with all antiques and future antiques care should be taken when cleaning and some items are best lefty to experts to deal with. Whether you collect antique or modern silverware these tips should ensure you protect the value of your investment.
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