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It is a funny thing about intuition and being psychic. When you try too hard to be it, it never happens. When you are easygoing and understandingly patient about it happening it does. My case is the latter case: I did not expect it at all, and I approached it in a "strangely" easygoin...
The Dumas Beach is one of the most interesting as well as horrifying beach in India. It has several stories attributed to this Holiday Resort. Especially at night, several cases of abduction have been reported related to the people who go there at night
The old graveyard in Coursin Hollow was filled with over two-hundred graves, predating 1800 with the family names of Rhodes, Conrad, Lynch, Bell, Henry, and Edmundson, just to name a few. The majority of headstones cannot be read clearly, but it is known that Coursin Hollow was once k...
This is a guide to stop aliens from abducting you, raping you and generally being mean to you
India is a land of mystery and so many things exist that have no valid explanation. One of these is ESP and how to ignite it. Swami Shraddanand was such a guide who could help a man achieve teh impossible.
Halloween is a time of year fore kids in their Halloween costumes Some adults dress,up In costumes, too! It is also a time a year that your child eats the most candy for the year. There are also tales of haunted places that give people goosebumps like the ones I am going to share.
Victorian society was transfixed by the teleportation of a celebrated psychic medium 3 miles across London, witnessed by a room full of distinguished onlookers.
This article was inspired by another writer who wrote about Ghosts in Nova Scotia.
We have different conspiracy theories, mythologies and even religions, which all tell us that some point in the past there was giants living in the world. Some of these stories are just hints, turning these giants into fictional characters like fallen angels or legendary gods. Yet one...
This dream is about the dream of a dream we dream while dreaming in the spirit world and is part of of my series about the spirit world.
A recollection of a childhood incident in which I experienced a haunting first-hand.
This article will talk about the monsters that we actually believed in at childhood. Or maybe just up to this day.
Although I experience visions and premonitions, I honestly thought that Ghosts were a made up fairy tale, until it happened to me.
Michigan is known as the fifth largest place to have UFO sightings. Many people have viewed orange lights in major places like Detroit, Grand Rapids, to small areas like Monroe Michigan. MIMUFON takes this serious and investigates the sightings and catalogs interviews and pictures fro...
Probably, all throughout human history people have believed in ghosts, spirits and ethereal beings. Do you believe in ghosts? Are ghost really real? Read this informative article to take a look at this issue.
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