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The horoscope drawn for the Trump presidency strongly suggests it will be even worse than you think - way worse.
There are lots of things we failed to see in regard to this election, and the result was a woefully inaccurate prediction.
these are overall forecasts for each sign for the month of August...they will be the last ones i add here.
The current square of Saturn and Neptune in the zodiac, meaning they are ninety degrees apart in the sky, correlates interestingly to the spirit of these times.
In astrology, timing is everything. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, he knows nothing about that.
this is the overall picture for June specifics for that you need an astrological reading by our wonderful Steve Kinsman who brings to this site so much valuable information. Take everything with a pinch of salt and make your dreams come true yourself.....if you will!!!!
here they are for you to read if you will...the May horoscopes telling of happenings for you...however best if you have a full astrology reading from Steve on
Here we are in April of 2016 already and there are some powerful portents coming forward for many. Just go with the flow and move through your lives with a lilt in every step and joy in your heart no matter what....
the March 2016 horoscopes give you information about this month...believe or not sometimes I am spot on...and i really do not care one jot if you disagree...
horoscopes for all the signs of the zodiac..Aries to Pisces...
Despite the corporate media's ignoring the Sanders campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders has struck a nerve in the body politic, and Hillary Clinton has a real fight on her hands.
well here we are in did 2015 go so quickly! i send greetings to Mark, Peter, Johnny, Steve and Tim and all my very dear friends here on wikinut. May you have a year filled with peace and plenty, joy and abundance and love.
The Paris climate talks, from the astrological viewpoint, could not have begun at a worse time in terms of the potential to produce meaningful results.
This article will attempt to shed light on the meaning of Pluto's transits to planets and points in the horoscope of the United States during the past fifteen years - where it has brought us and where it is likely to take us.
Here we go with the November scopes...sorry i am late but have been in hospital. Am fine now. Love to all my friends here and i hope you find these of a little use to you....
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