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My search for crochet patterns leads me to an Ebay store.
An introduction to crochet written for those who are looking to learn crochet.
Crocheting, like embroidery, is both an enjoyable and a gainful activity. Read and learn the basics of this wonderful craft.
this show will teach you what stitches to use for the pattern they are doing and working on and the size of needles and everything else and it will show you how to get dvd 's and magazines and free pattern downloads on all the patterns they have online
By using free toddler crochet patterns you can make sure your kids will be dressed well.
Crocheted mittens and glove are better than anything available in a store
Crocheted refrigerator magnet add a nice touch to kitchen decor
Children love handmade crocheted dolls made to their specifications
Crocheted bath accessories allow a homeowner to make bold design choices
Crocheted slippers and socks make for wonderful gifts at holidays
Crochet boxes and containers can be quite unusual in design
Crochet patterns for hair accessories are a great way to make a fashion statement
Crocheted potholders are both pretty and functional
Making crocheted stuffed animals is easier than you think
Crocheted finger puppets will keep kids amused for hours
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