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Whenever you are in the market for a plumber, you want to be sure that you are doing the research to identify one that is going to provide you with excellent work. Finding a good plumber is never easy. You want to do the legwork to find one that is going to offer you excellent service...
How to unclog a drain that may have become blocked through a build up of hair, grease and dirt. This article provides the steps in order to unblock a drain yourself before having to call a plumber.
In this article, we explain what crawl space encapsulation is and what you'll need to know to complete your own crawl space project.
This is the first article about plumbing. In this one there is advice on burst pipes, copper, lead and plastic pipes and some tips on what could go wrong and how to avoid pitfalls.
Philmac non return valves are designed to permit fluid flow in one direction only. The valves function over a wide range of operational pressures.
Torches, solder, flux and propane are in the past. With SharkBite push- on fittings, you need not be or have to call a plumber.
This article is about Water Softener maintenance guide: We must do it!
This article is about emergency water removal services
This article is about New Toilet Technology and Trends
When faced with a malfunctioning toilet, don't get heartburn worrying. Keep calm and think about the problem. Toilet science is pretty simple if you look at the separate parts. Knowing how it works and what tools you need are the fist step. Each part has it's own definition and type o...
When heat pumps are iced up in winter do a self check before calling a qualified HVAC technician.
Doing it yourself is a great hobby for any guy or gal. Besides the satisfaction you will get from being able to say with pride, “I did it myself,” you will save some big bucks in the long run. Simple DIY Projects is aimed at those who have never done any DIY stuff before. These wi...
Replacing a toilet is not rocket science, even a first time DIY plumber can complete this project in less than an hours time. This article is not a guide on how to do the actual work but a guide to what you need to know in order to get the right, new toilet to replace the old toilet b...
Frozen pipes are a major bummer, especially in the winter time. Did you know that you can thaw frozen pipes with a standard household hair dryer? And can you believe that it's actually extremely safe? Well you better start believing, because this is real.
A toilet is not as hard to replace as you may believe.
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