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An ebook or the good old fashioned paperback. I am a little indecisive on which I prefer.
Women have traditionally had a subservient place in African society, but change is now in the air.
Long gone are the times when Catholics went to Mass with an attitude of respect for God's house, not to mention the clergy and their fellow worshipers. Today they may as well be at a party. To complain about such goings-on is considered being judgmental, but the situation needs to b...
Mesopotamian society was broadly divided into rich and poor. The rich owned land and held high military and administrative posts, the serfs or the slaves served for them. However, the laws of the land recognized three classes, such as, aristocrats, commoners and serfs or slaves.
Compassion should in my reality be a way of life toward yourself as well as everyone anyone meets. But, usually it is practiced out of guilt, compromise and fear. This article is about how anyone can practice compassion in life and benefit themselves and others.
We should convince our shopkeepers to use a cloth or paper bag to pack the goods they sell. Let us get shopkeepers to agree to put up small boards telling customers to bring their own bags, and not to use plastic bags. It is also better to plan properly and buy things at one go, to a...
The power of a woman cannot be expressed enough in words. It is meant to be experienced.The charm of a woman is a unspoken language which can create history.It can reduce a warrior to a slave and a murderer to a saint!
My beautiful and caring wife and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage on June 2, 2014. I can honestly say that it has been a learning experience for the both of us and I have just started my journey. (smile) Thank you God.
Today in our midst honour killings still rear its ugly head. This piece is a back grounder to shed light on how this ancient practice gains its foothold in some countries.
This article promotes one citizen's recommendation for utilizing a few of America's greatest resources.
Dealing with the recent scam letter being sent to many of Wikinut users
We live in a confusing time in which no one seems to know what is happening, and where ,today we receive an absolutely reliable advice in one direction and the opposite tomorrow . And there are people who have decided to forego their judgment , courage and decisiveness , and let go. ...
We could all be unwitting spectators to the oldest show on earth --- the parties we go to and the freak parades we sometimes get forced to see in the process.
Evaluating the thought trends by the peoples and places that one comes in contact with. View the life style on display at different times and places.
There was a time when American family moral values were different than they are today. Maybe we should consider returning to those values since they worked so well before we decided to "fix" our country.
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