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This article is all about Tips and tricks fro new songwriter who are using garageband app
Electronic music is one of the popular aspects of creating music in the modern generation.
Do you know when is the perfect time to compose a song and when is the worst time to compose a song?
A commentary on an important member of the band...the bass
This is nothing more than a short look at my favorite free DAW software - Garageband. Don't be fooled into paying hundreds of dollars for a high end PC studio - set one up for free!
Is there some trick to download GarageBand for Windows for free? Yes you can install GarageBand software on your PC with a few simple tricks.
A "how to" guide for those with limited musical knowledge who wish to write a song.
In this paper I will look at the lyrics to The Band Perry's song, "Better Dig Two", and break down what makes the song a hit.
On this page I will write about why I am a songwriter, and what others thinking about becoming songwriters may want to understand upfront.
Why I and many other musicians I know are tired of modern music and the wave of emotion it produces
This page is about my adventure in the field of songwriting.
Writing a song is less difficult and a lot more fun than many people assume, especially if the goal is simply expression and not professional song making.
Know more some of the Austrian composers such as Mozart, Haydn, and Schubert.
Know more about the famous composer of Avatar movie, James Horner.
Songwriters often talk about the element of mystery involved in songwriting. They speak as a song a a gift. While, this aspect of songwriting is undoubtedly true, successful most songwriters speak of the craft of songwriting. Songwriters exert a lot of time, labor and energy in honing...
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