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Only when there is limited time before the Emergency Rescuers arrive, you must follow these guidelines to buy time for the victims to be saved. Because you can neither risk the victims' safety nor your own safety.
What you thought were eye drops turned out to be a bottle of super glue. Don't panic. You will be okay. But read this article now if you think there's any chance at all that you might accidently do this one day. Then, take the tips about preventing such an awful occurrence.
Accidents take us by surprise. Each of us has had a kitchen accident, bruised ourselves, or had a child scrape a knee. Some of us have been in serious car accidents. It’s comforting to know how to be prepared for these types of emergencies
Earlier reports carry sad news of tourists who were killed and injured during the May 7, 2013 eruption of the famous Mayon volcano. This time they were identified and procedure are being undertaken for the proper disposal by helicopters of the dead and wounded. Tourists are advised ...
My daughter who is leaving on a trip to Egypt was getting all kinds stuff ready for the trip this actually got me thinking about a kind of universal traveling checklist. Perhaps it would include some of these items...
Nerium Oleander is consider as one of the world's most poisonous flowers because of its dangerous substances contains in all parts of the plants. It become dangerous to adult, children and animals that it could cause death in some fatal cases of excessive ingestion.
Knowing the first aid procedures for an electrocuted person will differentiate between life and death.
Simple, yet effective first aid tips for common animal bites like dogs, snake, bees and wasps.
Find out what first aid injuries is necessary for a specific ligament or bone injury.
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