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The Clydesdale is one of three native British breeds of heavy horse, the others being the Suffolk Punch and the Shire. In the days before farm tractors, these horses were the mainstay of British agriculture, being bred to pull ploughs through heavy soil for hour after hour.
Gray hair is both a sign of an aging horse and also means the pigment has not reached the hair for whatever reason. These handsome horses get their coloring because of two things- a varying amount of black and white hairs and their black skin.
Article tells of several oddities of the Curly horse. How it is distinguishable from other horses and what makes it unique.
History of the American horse and why the westerner established the type of horse they did for military use.
The Camargue horse makes an excellent cow horse because of their courage and stamina. There are more horses than gardians so many are slaughtered for meat. They are an endangered horse breed. They are now living in wildlife sanctuaries in the Rhone Delta.
The Caspian horse looks like an Arabian only smaller. The Caspian is 10 to 13 hands tall. They are small but they are not a pony. You will find them in most solid colors.
The draft horse the American people know best is the Clydesdale. They are beautiful horses that are usually seen pulling decorated beer wagons. Anheuser-Busch Company that were in St. Louis owned the most famous Clydesdales.
The Cayuse Indian Pony is from the Old West period. They are a distinct breed that originated in the 1800s. They do not look like the Mustang, Spanish Barb and other wild horses.
The thoroughbred horse is considered the number one horse in many categories. The thoroughbred is considered the fastest horse breed.
When the settlers moved west they took their race horses with them. The settlers horses were known as Quarter horses.
They are a colored breed and resemble the Pinto which is not.
The American Shetland pony no longer works in the coal mines. They are no mostly show horses.
The American Miniature horse is a very unique animal. They are a strong little horse and they can carry children and small adults with no problem.
The Spanish Mustang resembles their ansters more than other feral mustangs.
The Belgian horse has been regarded as a versatile and powerful horse since Julius Caesar occupied Belgian.
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