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Having a small yard or garden area doesn’t mean that the garden can’t be productive and look well. Most people these days live in apartments or small homes with limited space for planting a garden. Some people have just a patio or porch with no soil at all, but this should not lim...
And so, this incredible cycle of Nature repeats itself yet another year. Are you ready for the return of these mystical, magical garden jewels?
A lot of the plants that grow in the wild are poisonous. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful cultivated plants may also be harmful to children or pets. Some tropical plants may cause an allergic reaction. When landscaping in tropical areas, home gardeners may select native edibl...
Sometimes starting a gardening project can become rather overwhelming. However, the process will boil down to knowing what you want as well as what you have that you can work with.
Early this January I decided to create a circle garden on the dry land in the mountains of Spain where we live. I had tried a lot of garden designs, but all used more water than we actually have. We are now using only a minimum amount of water and plant just enough to eat fresh fruit ...
Humidity, too much sun and the neighbor's dog can all damage your front lawn. Here's how to keep your lawn healthy and green all summer long.
Here are tips on how your can do your own landscape and come up something great. The benefits of do it yourself landscaping
Gardening with Feng Shui is for those people who wish to create a garden area that will bring you peace and happiness, good fortune, love and money. Explains the use of a Bagua map, how to incorporate the Five Elements, and the placement of plants.
Tips on how to give your yard some easy and quick curb appeal at low cost
When it comes to maintaining your home, you should not only be concerned with how things are cared for in the inside. You want to make sure that he outdoor part of your residence is given the necessary attention as well.
The first gnomes arrived in Northamptonshire in the 1840s and were promptly banished to the garden when they began putting people off their food. Only one of the original gnomes still remains; his name is Loopy and, in 1997 he was insured for a massive £1, 000 000.
Winters landscaping makes the springs and summers very enjoyable.
Railroad ties are use in several ways at home; to decorate the outdoor and indoors. There are various important factors that one needs to consider when choosing railroad ties for whatever purpose they are intended in order to get the best.
Railroad ties can be used for both interior and exterior decor. They can be used to decorate the garden and even add glam to interior spaces. Read on to find out how.
This Article is about Roman's /Lawn Outdoor Maintenance
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