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We all are under the one law, and that is the law of attraction. We may like it when we get "fortunate", and we may hate it when bad things "just happen", but we are all under that one law of reality as I shall succinctly show in this article.
The title of the first section of this article will be the overall theme of this article. In fact, the reality of this title will hit home once you understand the why behind it. Because it is the first question we should all ask ourselves.
Think about it, we all want to be perfect and we all want to always win. But, it does not always happen that way. But here is the catch: If everything were perfect and we always won, there would still not be consistent perfection for there would be boredom still. Perfection is an idea...
Living in the now is the winning way to live, sure. Although it is good to be prepared to an extent in future oriented ways. We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be, now.
On the way, the humanity, in general, seems to have forgotten about these seeds, but some human minds still carry and preserve these seeds for humanity when it would need these most and realize their necessity like never before.
Human civilization has been developing through intellectuals sowing seeds for improving quality of life of people. Important of such seeds are detailed here under each of which has contributed to make human life independent of Nature.
An analysis of fear...It's advantages and disadvantages.
Recognising how you are controlled, manipulated, directed, and used by society
This article shares facts of life. Since we are humans, we cannot avoid to commit mistakes, but we have the brain to control our desires that do not conform with the standard, so we better decide before we do.
What is time control, is there such a thing as time travel, or is time a figment of our imagination. Man has always been fascinated with controlling time, for whoever controls time is like a God himself.
Man must dream to face the future. Dreams will propel a man forward, but it is important to be sane and a realist
Everyone wants to be successful but everyone can't. What is the causes that one is successful and other is unsuccessful ? Here is some basic differences. Go through these differences and take yourself out of negative feelings and that so that you may find yourself at top of your life ...
Making people change the way they view things, believe things, or go about doing things could only take place once doing so offers them a “zone” more comfortable than the one they’re currently in.
Art of being unreasonable - Lessons in Unconventional thinking, is the title of a book by Billionaire Businessman Eli Broad. The book explains this art, interestingly, similar model has been followed by some of the other successful, as well as not so successful people.
What would happen if there was an event which took 1/3rd of the World's Population
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