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Nutpoints are earned when you use the Wikinut site and as you become more active in our author community. This page explains some of the ways they can be collected and why they matter to our authors.
If you need to update any of your personal details, provide you payment details or change your password then Edit profile is the page for you.
This page is obsolete and is presented for reference only. The Wikinut royalty payments program was withdrawn in Dec 2015.
The Wikinut messaging system is our way of sending you important information about your account. Here we describe the communications we send and your message options.
Tasks are just our way of guiding through your Wikinut experience. At each step of the way, we'll drop advice and suggestions into your tasks list.
You may have heard about a strange and mysterious practice called SEO... read on to find out how basic Search Engine Optimatisation can improve your Wikinut earnings.
If, like us, you love seeing how your pages are performing then Wikinut stats reports are for you. Find out how to view your overall figures, plus individual page statistics.
If you run your own website you can earn money by sending traffic to Wikinut. We pay a 10% share of any royalties your traffic generates.
If you think your friends would be interested in joining Wikinut, you can use our invite friends system.
Sections are a simple way to help you structure your writing, and also to add automatic tables of content to your pages. Read on to find out more.
We reckon that anybody can write a page on Wikinut regardless of their age, internet experience or ability. Here we walk you through your first page.
Tags sounds complex, but are actually very simple to understand and use. Here we show you how to add tags to your pages, and give examples of how to choose tags.
Here's a quick explanation of the stages in the Wikinut publishing process, from initial draft to published page.
Joining Wikinut takes a matter of seconds, but if you'd like a bit more information about the details we ask for and why, read on.
Wikinut respects the intellectual property of others, and so if you believe that your copyrighted work appears on this site please follow the following process.
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