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Silky smooth hair is often times a top priority for most women. Unfortunately, while some women are born with naturally silky hair, most women are deprived of such natural gifts. Many women suffer from frizzy, unruly hair that lacks an apt shine.
With the many other problems thrust upon the life of us girls, bad hair days are taking the lead. It is easy to listen to recommendations but following them is a completely different topic.
Are you looking for the perfect tutorial about how to apply the eyeliner like a pro? If so, you clicked at the right spot here! As here we are going to introduce the top most eyeliner application tips and tricks that would be making you be able to apply the eyeliner by your own self. ...
Do you love to have smokey eye makeup worn on your eyes? If you like the smokey eye makeup and looking for the tutorials, you are at the right spot here. Here you will come to know how to do smokey eye makeup easily. This is an easy tutorial that would make you be able to do the smoke...
Tungsten is a type of metal widely used for making jewelry. It has gained popularity rapidly among both men and women.
Getting married is certainly one of the most memorable moments in any individual’s life. If you are getting married soon and are in search of some great tips that can help you look absolutely gorgeous. With the help of such tips, you can certainly look like a modern bride that is so...
Pearl Academy of Fashion is another upcoming institute. NIFT has even started offering a four year Fashion Design Information Technology course, where the whole drawing and conceptualization process is done on the computer, a pre -cursor to the coming in house industry trend.
Most women have a foundation in their make up bag, but is it the right shade for their skin tone? Here are some tips on how to choose the right colour for you.
The use of cosmetics has grown over the years.Nowadays almost every girl owns atleast a few pieces in her vanity.Does it improve self confidence or is just a waste of money?
Girls, we need beauty in life, no matter how hard you deny it. It doesn't mean to be vain or obsessed, all we need is some simple stuff to spice up our look.
This is nars shops review, its a review for a product which is not well know but its good makeup
French physician, Jean Valnet, inspired by Gattefosse's work, also used essentisal oils on wounds during the war. In 1964 he wrote a book entitled Aromatheberapie. To Valnet is due the credit of having brought aromatherapy to its present status.
What proverbs say about beauty and perfection for all the women who struggles.
High end make up is expensive, there are no two ways about it. In selfridges you can be paying up to £60 for a coloured powder that goes on your face and supposedly enhances your beauty, but with a burgeoning high street make up business and 'dupes' of almost every high end product h...
The easiest, cheapest and quickest way to do pretty nail art- EVER. Trust me!
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