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When we look to the masters of handcrafted items, we automatically think of Italy: traditional techniques rooted in tradition by skilled artisans.
The Ming Dynasty in China was renowned for its high culture, and an important part of this was the production of fine porcelain which is highly prized today.
My cousin Steph and I lunched at a posh L.A. restaurant. She turned the plate over, “Ooo, this is bone china.” Upon returning back East, I read her email. “Hey, was there bone in those bone-china lunch plates?” My reply tried to quell the horror in her note with facts. “...
I have been a collector of Quimper (pronounced 'campair') pottery for a few years now.
Learn about the history of Florence Ceramics figurines
The difference beween the groups of china, which all comes under the umbrella called ceramics.
A light hearted look at how to spot a good and efficient sales person in a China shop.
Do you collect Starbucks City Mugs? Have you been able to get a few of the newest series? The "Global Icon series." Here is a list of all the mugs in the series so far. It's pretty big. Good luck to all you avid Starbucks collectors!
Have you ever shipped an item only to find out that it was destroyed along the way? Have you ever wondered what is the best way to pack a breakable coffee mug? Here are a few simple hints to securing the future of that precious mug you are about to send on a journey across the country...
Can can you insure that a fragile item will make it through the mail system in one piece? Look no further. This article will explain.
The craze that is sweeping the world. Starbucks collectible city mugs. You can get them from different cities world wide, you can get them by States in the US, and you can even get country mugs.
The architecture series mug collection has been one of the most popular mug collections to date. Here's an article about this style of mug put out by Starbucks.
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